The Story

Haley’s Comet was started with the idea that everyone needs a place where you’re part of a community, where you can be carefree if only for a small part of your day. It’s about being entertained, about the feeling of nostalgia and being a bit rebellious. Our solution is giving you all day breakfast, specialty coffee and the feeling that you’re back in the 80’s.

The name was deducted from Halley’s Comet and we chose it because it rocks for multiple reasons. It’s the comet that is most clearly seen from earth with the naked eye and in history was often thought to predict that great things are about to happen. The last time Halley’s Comet came by was 1986 and will be seen again in 2061 – we could think of no better way to wait for it than to enjoy each other’s company and drink great coffee. We spelled it as Haley’s Comet, also because it is easier for you to find online, but mostly because we think women are amazing and should be empowered whenever possible.

Our coffee

What's better than the pot of coffee your mom used to make? We remember the sound of boiling water, the smell of greatness, the moment together at the kitchen table. This is how Britt’s memories start with coffee, part of why she became a barista and the reason for all the high demands to our coffee roaster (that has been labeled nothing short of a love potion).

She asked for: " A recognizable, nostalgic taste with hazelnut and milk chocolate aroma’s. So unbelievably great that you believe coffee has always been this good throughout the ages. A coffee that makes you come back on your worst and your best day because it tastes like home. " Luckily, Stefan from Roast Factory responded with “I like a good challenge, let’s rock&roll”. And with all this in mind we started searching for the perfect Haley’s blend. That resulted in our filter blend “Moon Walk” and espresso blend “Rocket Launch”. All beans are sourced through direct trade and roasted fresh here in The Hague. Since we want you to feel at home anywhere, you can also buy the beans at Haley’s – freshly ground for your coffeemaker if needed.

Moon Walk

Filter Blend

Our filter blend is a coffee you can drink all day long, liters and liters. The blend is roasted a bit lighter and contains:

  • 75% Colombia Meko
    For smooth mouthfeel and hazulnut chocolate aromas
  • 25% Rwanda
    A bit of sparkle and fruitiness with nectarine aromas

rocket launch

Espresso blend

Our espresso blend has everything you need for a good start of the day. The blend contains:

  • 50% Brasil Capricornio
    For a full velvety mouthfeel and taste of chocolate
  • 25% Colombia Meko
    With hazelnut and cherry aromas
  • 25% Rwanda Rushashi
    To freshen things up with acidity and fruitiness





Piet Heinstraat 133
2518 CG The Hague
The Netherlands

Opening Hours

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